Weak information processing

  With the advent of the information age, information technology has widely penetrated into all areas of society and has exerted a profound influence on people's learning, work and life. In the field of education, education informatization, which is characterized by the widespread application of information technology, has become an inevitable trend in the development of education. The success of education informatization, teachers is a key influencing factor. In order to advance the process of education informatization, it is necessary to change teachers’ information awareness and constantly improve teachers’ information technology capabilities and information knowledge. Therefore, the overall improvement of teachers’ information literacy is an important part of education informatization.

  I. What is Teacher Information Literacy

  According to the generalization and definition of information literacy by domestic and foreign experts, we can define teachers’ information literacy as: 1) having a strong sense of information; having a basic and correct understanding of information, information society, and education informationization; Actively invest in education informatization. 2) Stronger sensitivity to information, recognizing the importance of access to information resources for education and research work; for solving problems such as learning or education and teaching work, being able to confirm their information needs, and being able to flexibly pass through multiple channels Get valid information quickly. 3) Can accurately and efficiently interpret information and critically evaluate information; can apply information to critical thinking. 4) It can effectively absorb, store, and quickly extract and send information; it can better manage its own collected or generated information. 5) Effectively integrate related information, creatively use information to solve problems, and use the best possible way to express, present (and store) new information generated by yourself. 6) The above set of information technologies can be better applied to their continued learning and communication. 7) Strong sense of information ethics and information security.

  Second, the status of secondary school teachers’ information literacy

  (I) Absence of strong information awareness and low information usage rate In the education informatization process, various schools generally established a campus network, but the utilization of resources on the campus network is generally low, and the campus network has not played its due role. The role of the teacher education and teaching basically has no role in promoting. For example, most schools’ websites are basically used to publish notices, and there aren’t many other teaching-related content or resources. At the same time, teachers’ utilization of resources on the Internet is not very high. When they encounter problems, they go to the Internet to find the resources they need PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. polyu optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong..

  (II) Poor information retrieval ability

  Lack of basic knowledge of electronic documents, online documents, and databases, I don't know how to efficiently search for the information I need. Little is known about search methods and search techniques, such as the “space bar” and “double quotes”. Many people don't understand it, so they can't find the information they need, or it takes a long time to find what they need. information.

  (III) Weak information processing capacity

  Although some teachers found some materials they needed, they could not process so many materials to get the information they needed. There are thousands of thousands of information on the Internet. Before processing the information, we should have a draft in our minds. We should grasp the key points in the multitude and variety, and filter and process ourselves according to the ideas in our minds. Information.

  (4) Low level of application of information technology

  Many teachers do not have the habit of applying modern information technology to everyday teaching activities, or because some teachers are not very familiar with information technology equipment and are too lazy to learn, they are rarely used in ordinary classes, or some are just open classes or It was used in the course of observation, and thus lacked practical experience in information technology; in addition, many teachers lacked interest in new technologies, which also restricted the application of information technology. Therefore, it is especially important to improve teachers’ information literacy
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