Longevity people tend to have some similar characteristics

ongevity people tend to have some similar characteristics, although they can not fully represent the longevity of the road, but it is worth learning.

Shou and partners

The evergreen tree of life, need to have a stable and harmonious living environment, to get along with the people around get along. Being with all, staying away from loneliness, life is full, with a sense of security, full of trust, love and friendship are conducive to maintaining the psychological and physical balance, fitness and longevity.

Life and moving partners

As the saying goes: “The move is not bad, but not retreat.” The elderly are often engaged in some labor or exercise within their means, such as sweeping, watering flowers, ascend the floor, doing exercises, outdoor walks, jogging, It can keep fit and relax.

Life and art with

Even if there are not many “art cells” in the body, we should cultivate artistic hobbies such as playing the piano, playing chess, reading, painting, stamp collecting, planting flowers, raising fish, raising birds, weaving, fishing, photography and writing. Add more fun to life.

Life and green with

Green is the nature of nature. Lawn, green, green leaves, safflower, cereals, vegetables, fruits and other plants constitute a green world, is back to nature, return to nature. Often tours to the green environment, breathing fresh air, and eat green vegetables, is one of the longevity tips.

Life and laughter

Laughter is a natural expression of good mood. Marx once said: “A good mood, more than ten doses of medicine to relieve psychological fatigue and pain.” Almost all longevity of people, almost all the natural smile, optimistic.

Life and Germany with

Confucius said: “Dad will have its life.” A man who is loyal, benevolent, helpful, must be psychologically stable and balanced, and his nervous and endocrine system regulators are often in the best shape for a healthy life.

Life and beauty

Health scientists generally believe that: old and pretty good physical and mental health. Elderly people pay attention to a little wear, the beauty of appearance, can increase the sense of pleasure, self-confidence and satisfaction, add a bit of youthful vitality, receive the benefits of extension.

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